Getting older is great in a lot of ways. You are usually wiser, you make more money, you can eat ice cream for dinner without getting in trouble. when it comes to your metabolism, it straight up sucks!

In early 2018, we had just got back from a family trip to San Diego. I was as heavy as I have ever been in my life (40lbs more than my college days). I got on a workout project and (thought) I was eating healthy, but my weight either stayed the same or was still slowly creeping up. I was getting really frustrated.

That’s when I saw a friend of mine post a pic on Facebook about how much weight they had lost on something called “Keto”. Keto? I had never heard of it. Was this a protein drink, a workout program or what? Nothing I was doing was working, so I started to research it.

The pic on the right was taken about 2 weeks after I started Keto. The pic on the left was taken about 5 months later. I had also torn my Achilles during this time and was able to still lose weight EVEN without being able to exercise.

This is a comparison between when I was eating a carb-filled diet vs. a low carb diet. My face is much thinner and my complexion is also better.

The more I read, the more intrigued I was. At first, it was difficult to stay under 20g of carbs and I was really overwhelmed with information.

However, it quickly became easier and easier. I weighed and measured myself on Sundays. I didn’t worry about the rest of the week because I quickly learned that fluctuations can play mind games with you.

Over the next 5 or 6 months (with varying strictness) I ended up losing about 27lbs and was able to get to a healthy maintainable weight. I also had more energy than usual as well as mental clarity.

It is because of that, that I’m still a huge supporter of the “lifestyle”.

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