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Below are discount codes you can use to purchase products that I use all of the time.  Full disclosure: I also receive a commission from the company if you use my link, which helps me pay for the costs associated with running this blog, so I definitely appreciate it!

I would never recommend a products, unless I used it and believed in it myself. I’m very passionate about this, because it’s my reputation at risk by promoting these companies.

These are my favorite beef sticks and are perfect to take with you on the go when you want a snack.

  • Humanely and sustainably raised protein
  • Simple spices
  • No hidden nasties
  • No sugar added, no gluten, no soy or dairy
  • No nitrates or nitrates added


Save 15% – use discount code: DADBOD15

I don’t know what I love more, the bars or the company! They also now have cereal and sugar-free rainbow sprinkles. I have been eating these since I first found out about them over a year ago. I’m a HUGE fan of StokaBar.

Save 10% – use discount code: DadBod10


Thrive Market is where I buy a lot of my staples. Collagen powder, sauce, sweet drops, Primal Kitchen products, etc.  It has a yearly membership and you need to spend $49 to get free shipping, so these are things to keep in mind, but you easily make up for that in the discounts they offer on products. It’s also only place I can find certain products.  If you use the link below. You will save 25% off your first order and they allow you to try them out for a month for free.

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