Here’s another time hack tip I use. I’m not a morning person and it seems like I’m always rushing, so removing having to figure out what I’m going to wear to work and ironing it (I have to wear business casual) every morning is a big victory (even though it seems like a small problem). I used to just get everything ready the night before, but it was still the same daily nuisance just at a different time.

That’s when I realized, what if I get a weeks’ worth of clothes ready at the same time, which made me realize that there was actually even more benefit to two weeks’ worth. For me, that is the right amount. We have “Casual Friday”, which consists of jeans and a branded logo t-shirt, so I don’t really worry about that, it makes a huge difference not to have to think about it in the morning. Plus, I only have to do this prep 2 times a month.

The process:

On the first and third Sunday, I match up a shirt, socks, and pants and put it on my bed. I repeat this until there are 8, one for each workday (I exclude casual Fridays because they take no effort). On Thursday’s we do “Bow-Tie Thursday”, so I account for 2 of those. Next, I iron each set putting the socks in one pocket, the pants on the hangar and the shirt over the pants. I then hang them back in the closet together. It’s great, because I still have multiple choices in the morning, if I feel like one shirt over the other, but I can just grab one, get dressed and go. I also use a reversible belt (Black on one side, brown on the other), so I can quickly coordinate with what I’m wearing.
Place the pants on the hanger and the shirt over the top to keep them together.
Keep the socks in the pants pocket and save a step when getting ready.

If you have any time hack tips you want to share, let me know in the comments below.

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